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Lying ahull*

* waiting out a storm by dousing all sails and simply letting the boat drift.

for Martym (who wondered if Richard ever gets in trouble)

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*le gasp!* Wonderful! Wonderful corsairs! Both of them!
hmmm… these men…. *___*



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I just… 
Cold air burns, stone walls melt. So what can I say about flesh?

Tor - Glass And Stone


Tor - Glass And Stone

Oh it was a sad and a rainy night
And the rain did rain his lady gay
Never a fire nor a candle light
Die in my bower anymore

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The best thing about working in a gym is walking body references of all kinds.

Lil an.

For Lady Owl :3


"So, we have to expect their agent?"

"Very likely"

"Can we somehow find out who is this going to be?"

The man slowly looks down at his phone, where the contact list has the name of the one who can - and will be required to - get some information for the forgiveness of his financial debt. He turns the screen to the other man. For a while he peers at it.

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A couple of a journalist and a security officer. Just think of it. [X]



Obligatory warning: it’s mild horror, and it’s in English. Feel free to correct everything.

You fall asleep.


It’s not much, the owner mutters apologetically, but it’s all he can offer. All the second floor is yours though, and they might occasionally use the stairs to get to the attic, but that shouldn’t scare away any customers, should it? Ahaha.

His laughter is awkward and not particularly pleasant, but he’s just a man trying to get by with no better options left than renting out a part of his house to a total stranger. You’d be nervous as well, you tell yourself, even though there’s something about this house that makes you feel a little unsettled. Have you been here before? Has anyone told you… Well. No time to figure this out anyway.

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I feel really sorry for the Lieutenant. I don’t think he deserved to lose the ability to see… Well, I think so.

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Based on an idea martym41 gave me!

Serge, Sabine, Nimven, and Rico belong to martym41

Alice belongs to hana-bakemono

* * *

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Worried Rochus… yes, yes, more drama!)))

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Nimven belongs to martym41

* * *

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Oh good, good!)) Nimven can be useful sometimes))

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